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Really? Not Another Discussion on Quality Metrics, Patient Flow, and Patient Satisfaction

Here we-go again. (And you won’t be lucky enough to have your dog WE-GO bring you a beer while you’re reading this either). I know you’re saying “Not another discussion on quality metrics, patient flow, and patient satisfaction”. They’re shoved down your throat every time you turn around. You have to hear about it from hospital administration, your bosses, and the companies you work for. Furthermore, we see these process improvement plans passed to and from hospital administration with variable success. Now you have some new ammunition supported by newly released research to help convince the doubters that direct bedding and bedside triage are a key component in making things work better in your hospital.


A recently published study from the Society for Academic Medicine’s Research Forum presented more direct evidence which supports having these processes in place in your institution. The authors measured the effect of direct bedding, bedside registration and patient pooling on pediatric ED wait times, length of stay, and patient satisfaction. The proof is in the pudding. The study found that the mean time to be seen by the Emergency Department physician decreased by 20%, length of stay for discharge decreased by 15% and the median time until admission decision was lowered by 10%. The real kicker: Press-Ganey satisfaction scores increased by five points. Interestingly, during the study there was even a decrease in attending physician coverage and increase the patient volumes! HPP is a leader in the Emergency Medicine industry in trying to achieve these goals. Our policies support the practice processes of provider in triage, direct bedding for patients when empty beds are available (bypassing triage), and bedside patient registration.

In hospitals where HPP has both Emergency Medicine and Hospitalist Medicine programs, there are coordinated efforts to reduce boarding and expedite disposition of patients to in-patient beds and we have even established a discharge staging area to free up beds where the situation permits. HPP offers comprehensive strategies consistent with protocols by current Emergency Medicine industry research and remains committed to enhancing the quality of care in the management of our patients!

Reference: Niel F. Miele, Neelam R. Patel, Rachael D. Grieco, Ernest G. Leva. Direct Bedding, Bedside Registration and Patient Pooling To Improve Pediatric Emergency Department length of stay., SAEM Annual Meeting Research Forum, Abstract #217, May,2012


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